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The ultimate electronic music experience from Brussels. Our aim is to produce the best in large-scale shows & festivals nationally & internationally.


Edition Barcelona

13 Jun

La Terrrazza Open Air Club
Day-Time Event
17:00 - 23:45

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Hailing from a rich blend of Italian and Swiss heritage, Fiona is a rising star in the global electronic music scene. Her journey began immersed in creative environments, writing for magazines at 17 and actively participating in music festivals.

Inspired and fueled by her time in Los Angeles, Fiona's music career ignited.
Returning to Europe at 23, she rekindled her love for club culture, marking a turning point in her career in 2019. Fiona emerged as an international force, taking listeners on an emotional journey from Paris to dance floors worldwide. At the epicenter of her expression is her radio residency on Rinse, named 'Planet to Planet', where she delves into various genres and invites some of her favourite artists.

Fiona's artistic vision is molded by her fascination with Japanese culture, evident in her music's extra layer of complexity. Recently awarded 'Mix of the day' by Resident Advisor and invited to Berlin's Refuge Worldwide by Love On The Rocks, Fiona's future holds exciting possibilities.

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Hangar Soundsystem

A bit of fun from the Hangar trio.

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Inspired by mythical periods and places in dance music history – David Mancuso’s The Loft, the
Amnesia Terrace, Anjuna Beach, and Panorama Bar in the modern day – PARAMIDA loves to play
music that delicately spans across genres and eras. The Panorama Bar resident is a confident,
talented, and boundary-pushing artist in a city whose musical rules are begging to be broken.

PARAMIDA’s style is playful yet sincere, purposeful and hopeful, and, of course, always with a dash of the cosmic. Blending proto-house with trance, percussive gold with high-energy techno, Italian dream house, and irresistible new beat, she is truly committed to digging for treasure across genres and eras. PARAMIDA is not content to just pay homage to the past – with her label Love On The Rocks celebrating its 10-year anniversary, she’s bringing the dusty corners of outsider dance culture
into the present day.

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Ross From Friends

Ross From Friends, AKA British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, released his first single in
nearly two years, ‘The One’, in April 2023 via his own imprint Scarlet Tiger. Following on from
his second album, ‘Tread’, ‘The One’ continues to build upon his craftsmanship of emotive
storytelling through ever-increasing danceability. The track leans on a bouncy two-step rhythm
before building into his signature euphoric soaring synths to create a track to pull on your

This release is a return to ‘Scarlet Tiger’ and a second personal appearance since his debut
release ‘Burner’ alongside the label launch in 2021. Clary Weatherall launched Scarlet Tiger as
an outlet for releasing his own productions alongside “friends and folk I’ve met online over the
years”, with EPs from Giulia Tess and RFF bandmate Cameo Blush.

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Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha, born in 1981, began his musical education early. His first releases, "Monster" and "Yellow Kitchen," came out in 2006 on Berlin's Autist Records. Moving to Harthouse, he gained recognition with tracks like "Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet" and was named "exceptional Talent 2007" by Raveline magazine. In 2007, he also created his second alias, ANNA.

After four years of touring and three albums, Boris became a prominent figure in the club scene, known for his innovative approach to minimal techno. In 2012, he pioneered the "High-Tech Minimal" genre and founded his label, Fckng Serious, in 2013. His 2016 album "22" and "Boris Brejcha In Concert" shows showcased his unique style.

In 2017, his label Fckng Serious embarked on a successful Europe Bus Tour. Boris debuted at major festivals like Tomorrowland in 2018 and continued to grow his fame, signing with Ultra Music in 2019 and selling out large venues globally. His 2020 album "Space Diver" and various international performances further cemented his status in the techno scene, with future projects and surprises anticipated.

Boris Brejcha
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Tale Of Us

This tale dawns in Milan, where Karm and Matteo met at a young age. The Lombardic capital will turn out to be the preface of their success story.
Through a unique production ethos, the music of Tale Of Us carries an exclusive sense of both urgency and restraint, taking ample time to carefully pace both the listener and the dance floor. Think: quivering keys, mesmerising percussion and haunting chords, conjuring mystifying ambience and suspense.
This ethos culminates in their latest inception: Afterlife, an odyssey through the realm of consciousness.
With multifaceted focus, Tale Of Us break poetic and emotional boundaries, bringing revery and awe to multiple scenes and levels, usually hemispheres away.
Watch as this tale grows and flourishes.

Tale Of Us
Boris Brejcha

An exclusive electronic culinary experience.

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Creative agency & production company specialized in art direction, audiovisual projects, set design & show production.

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